We are eagerly anticipating the opening of a current marijuana dispensary.

Everybody in my family smokes pot, and has long before it became legal.

Some of us use it for pain, especially back pain and most of us use it for anxiety. Some of us just like to use it socially or recreationally. Some of us have medical marijuana cards and some of us don’t. But now, recreational marijuana use is finally legal. So, it was with genuine excitement that my associate and I anticipated the opening of a local marijuana dispensary. Of course, there have been medical marijuana dispensaries around, but they were entirely limiting. More grab and go than anything, but this current marijuana dispensary sounds promising. No longer were my associate and I stuck smoking whatever the weed supplier had available; my associate and I learned that my associate and I would be able to choose our own strains at the cannabis dispensary. Of course, the medical marijuana dispensary had different strains, but this current dispensary promises so much more. My great friend and I will no longer have to make our own pot brownies. My great friend and I heard they will carry a variety of marijuana edibles. I can’t wait to see what they have. I heard the gummies are good. And my associate and I no longer would have to purchase our paraphernalia from the shady woman at the flea market. Or having to pay her inflated prices. The current marijuana dispensary will have it all. I even heard something about a cream or balm that might be available. And I would cherish to have one of those marijuana oil pens. To be able to smoke marijuana without almost everyone near me knowing by the stink would be awesome! My whole family is excited and my associate and I can’t wait until the marijuana dispensary opens.

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