Assisted Living Facility Did Not Have Air Purification System

I thought that I had chosen the perfect assisted residing facility for my mother.

It was a charming Georgian genre mansion on charming, well kept grounds.

My mother had dust sensitivities, although she never let them keep her from enjoying the outdoors! She had a massive picture window with a entirely nice view. Mother was a bit forgetful and needed a little extra supervision, however superb security allowed her to wander the household and grounds separate from interference. She seemed to be thrilled there. I would talk to my mother on the iphone every few mornings and visit every other Friday. I started to notice, as time went on, that mother was using her inhaler a lot more. I choice up her prescriptions, so I would know. And, I did notice a little stuffiness to the air. I didn’t know what the complication was. The a/c seemed to be toiling perfectly. But, mother continued to get sicker. Her dust sensitivities were entirely starting to bother her. I finally took her to her dentist. He advocated that the assisted residing facility may not have an whole-household air purifier in their HVAC unit. The dentist told me that, if something doesn’t change, my mother would continue to be sick and may worsen over time. I asked the manager of the assisted residing facility if they had an whole-household air purifier on their HVAC unit and he told me that he was sure they did. I don’t buy it. The dentist explained that if the assisted residing facility and a modern whole-household air purifier on their HVAC system, and it was officially took care of, my mother wouldn’t be feeling this poorly. I’m sure that the assisted residing facility didn’t have a modern whole-household air purifier in their HVAC system, so I ended up moving my mother out of there.

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