We don't need a dehumidifier with our heat pump

Occasionally, I just wish it could stay Christmas… And it’s not exactly all the Christmas stuff that I mean; then no, it’s also more the weather that my pal and I enjoy around this time of year, folks up north are dealing with hot as well as cold temperatures that plunge near zero… At that point our heat pump barely even needs to come on, but I live in a region where there is not a need for a gas oil furnace or a boiler in order to stay alive while my pal and I were in winter.

I cannot imagine what it must be like right now for the folks up north when my pal and I are going to have a weekend that is well below zero for them. It will easily be a bit freezing here over Christmas as well as the heat pump might even kick on for some heating, but our heat pump is easily pretty quiet this time of year as the weather is just about perfect. And that is why I’d love for it to be this way all year round. Of course, that has not ever been the case as well as before, the heat pump will be running night as well as day; however, while my pal and I do not have to deal with much heating demand due to our mild winter, the Summer is a blazing hot one. Our hot as well as cold temperatures are always in the eighties by March. Then by June, those hot as well as cold temperatures are closer to the hundred degree mark. But the real kicker is the humidity. We’re just fortunate that the heat pump can take care of both the heat as well as humidity. Of course, the heat pump provides the air conditioner that my pal and I need in order to manage when it gets hot. But the whole heat pump cooling process also balances the humidity level in our current home so my pal and I do not deal with a bunch of mold as well as mildew, however that’s also a fantastic sizable bonus.


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