Christmas comes with some filters

We had a genuinely nice Christmas this year.

It’s care about each year that I spend with my wife comes with a better holiday experience.

And that’s a sizable deal to me since I genuinely hated Christmas once I got to junior high. That’s because I ended up being the work force of one when it came to decorating my mom’s house. With my dad out of the picture plus the gas furnace raging, I was the one perspiring it out to get things decorated. As you can imagine, that has not exactly the sort of Christmas that anybody wants. So by the time I met my wife, I pretty much hated the holidays. But that has gradually changed plus it has a lot to do having our own locale plus fantastic central air conditioner. We live in a region where the Winter is not so strenuous that you need a gas furnace. But the heat pump actually runs plenty while the two of us were in this time of year. And one of my wife’s traditions is something that nearly killed the heat pump when the two of us first moved in, and my wife burns dozens of holiday candles throughout the holiday period. And all that burnt wax ends up on the air filter as it gets sucked to the Heating & A/C return. I l acquired this the hard way when I noticed the heat pump just kept running plus running plus running that first Christmas. The wax in the air collects on the air filter plus just about sealed it. So Christmas time comes with a whole case of air filters that I change on almost a daily basis.


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