Choosing an elliptical

I live too far from a dedicated gym to make a membership worthwhile.

I don’t have the time to commute forty minutes each way.

I workout every single day, and I like to spend around an hour exercising. Just making enough time for my workout is sometimes difficult. Having a home gym allows me to get more out of my time. I can exercise whenever I have the opportunity. I sometimes workout first thing in the morning. There are those hectic days when I don’t get to exercise until the evening. I have gradually added new equipment to my home gym. I started with little more than a yoga mat and a set of free weights. Because fitness gear and machines are extremely expensive, I am particular about what I buy. Plus, I don’t have a huge space to work with. I have invested into a mini trampoline, incline bench, kettlebells, resistance bands and a jump rope. Just recently, I decided to buy a bigger piece of machinery. Not wanting to regret my purchase, I did tons of research. I looked into treadmills first. I really like to run, and it’s a great way to get the heart and lungs working. However, I can run outside and the motion is very hard on the joints and feet. I then considered a stationary bike. I wasn’t happy that a bike doesn’t do anything for the shoulders and arms. Plus, I love riding my actual bike outside. I finally chose an elliptical. It’s the perfect machine because it avoids hard impact on the hips, knees and feet and also involves the arms. The feet don’t leave the petals, creating a very smooth motion that avoids wear and tear on the joints. There are handles that I use to work my shoulders and arms while also working the legs. The machine is wonderfully quiet and allows me to add resistance to increase the demands and benefits of the workout.

Personal training service

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