I had to minimize my clothing and my hot office

My dealer office was spacious and I had plenty of room to move and have shoppers; and then there was a wall of windows in front of me, and I could see out, but no 1 could see in.

It would sometimes get warm in my office, and I would strip down to my tank top and a pair of shorts; finally as long as I didn’t have any shoppers in my office, no 1 could complain about how I was dressed… Last week, the temperature went up to eighty, and I sat behind my desk in a bikini top and my shorts.

I didn’t even think 1 of the glass panes had gotten broken by the cleaning crew, and it had been replaced with clear glass instead of a mirrored glass. I could not really understand why people were looking at me when they passed by my office. It took about fifteen minutes before my secretary knocked on the door and walked in… She didn’t pick up a piece of paper and taped it over the 1 window pane. She told me the window was broken, and people could see me. I put my dress back on, and asked him to call the supplier heating, ventilation and A/C worker. I could not breathe in him as warm as it was getting and my thermostat was only set at sixty-more than four… When the heating, ventilation and A/C worker arrived, he finally looked over at me and smiled, then he said I should have said something about the thermostat weeks ago. People were talking down in the labor room about how sexy I looked when I thought no 1 was working. If I didn’t think of him, I would have fired him, but I didn’t want to fire my brother.

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