I need an electrician to help with the house

My spouse started working at the hospital as an administrative assistant and eventually she got promoted to a higher position… A year after that she got another promotion and then another… In the last 15 years, my spouse has received 10 promotions and now my associate and I are living by the beach in a beach house that is literally almost 3,500 ft; then my friend and I moved about a month ago and my associate and I still have no idea how the beach house works… The place is set up with new home automation and everything is on a schedule.

  • The lights, alarms, and even the sprinklers are all set up on a new home automation system.

I simply called a couple of electrical contractors, although I couldn’t get anyone out to help us until last weekend. The electrical contractor spent various hours looking at all of the different parts of the new home automation system, but she explained every single thing to me one by one. She also color coded all of the different parts of the new home automation systems to make it easier for me to use the lights, alarms and sprinklers. My friend and I simply adjusted the area where the lights were shining as well. I didn’t need a contractor for that; however, the woman was already up on a ladder and it was easier to get him to do it! When the light was simply shining onto the sliding board in the backyard, it was causing a reflection on the TV in our living room every single night. While the electrician was working on the lights, she asked me if I wanted to install CCTV cameras. Honestly in this city, I don’t think the security is all that necessary.



furnace/heater installation

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