The air filter dude

Steven worked as an Heating, Ventilation and A/C worker.

She was known for her quick thinking and great sense of humor.

The other day, Steven acquired a call from a client who claimed that their cooling system wasn’t working. When Steven arrived at the customer’s home, she found that the cooling system was indeed not working. She asked the client if they had checked the air filter, to which the client replied, “What’s an air filter?” Steven was taken aback by the customer’s ignorance and could not help but smile. She decided to have a little fun with the situation. She took out the air filter, held it up to the customer, and said, “This, our friend, is an air filter. It’s what makes the air you breathe clean and healthy.” The client looked at the air filter with a confused expression, and Steven continued, “Without it, the air you breathe would be full of dirt, dust, and even spiders! That’s why it’s so pressing to change it correctly.” The customer’s eyes grew wide with fear, and Steven could not help but laugh. She then proceeded to show the client how to change the air filter and maintenance the cooling system! After the task was complete, the client thanked Steven and asked him how much she owed. Steven replied, “Oh, do not worry about it, but just remember to change that air filter every 3 weeks, or you might end up breathing spiders!” The client left Steven’s supplier with a newfound appreciation for air filters and a story that they would never forget. From that day on, Steven became known as the “air filter guy” and continued to bring laughter and satisfaction to all of her clients.


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