Getting the exam room ready for the final test with increased indoor air quality

The exam season is finally here.

During this time, the home service company gets a lot of business.

The law requires that all exam rooms in learning institutions be fitted with an air purification unit to promote air quality for the invigilators and students. We get many jobs, and I am usually happy to work during these times because it reminds me of my school days. I graduated from the College of HVAC professionals about three years ago, and when I return to school, I am reminded of those days. It is like a Deja Vu for me. This season, we went to different schools, but the school that stood out was the local high school. This school was beautiful and clean. The hedges were all level and neat, and the exterior and interior of the admin block were sparkling too. Since there was already a smart HVAC at the hall, we ran a comprehensive tune-up to improve its function. We ended up removing the worn-out HVAC parts and installing new ones. We also integrated the unit with an air purification system that we had previously installed. We provided the school’s head of maintenance with air purification help which included annually scheduling the duct cleaning process and regularly changing the air filters to maintain indoor air quality. We reiterated that to achieve maximum whole-home air purification, the school’s maintenance department should have HVAC technicians regularly run a comprehensive tune-up on the HVAC equipment at least twice a year. The exam hall was now ready and safe for the students to show their academic prowess. At least now, the students had one less thing to worry about: excellent indoor comfort.

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