Local HVAC corporation has been busy

I have a few more tasks to do & then my associate and I am going to get this yoga out of the way & go for a bike ride.

I handled all of the shopping for the day, so I just have to do yoga & I am done for the day.

At 5 o’clock I am going to do a light leg workout with our neighbor Max & then care about watching the sunset at the beach. I have to get a tooth fixed next month but I am not in a hurry to do that because I don’t like going to dentists. Heating & A/C repairs will be tomorrow’s toil as I go to toil for the cooling company & finalize some a/c repairs with this neighbor of mine. I am going to play some tunes tomorrow or Monday with Max & I think my associate and I are going to make a great chunk of change with all of the new tourists in town. I would like to buy a small portable cooling unit for our living room before the heavy heat gets here in August, & if our stocks manage to bounce back I could use that money to get 1 from the local corporation in town. I am just waiting to learn what happens at the end of this month when the company finally starts to build & sell their cars. I bet it might jump like mad & then our Heating & A/C method will be 1 its way to our flat in no time. My local AC contractor friend said that it will go up entirely soon, let’s see if he is right!


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