Learning about what happens at the annual HVAC installation tune-up and why we couldn’t simply ignore it

For years, I was among the people who believed that annual cooling equipment maintenance was a waste of time and money.

If the cooling technology has no trouble, there is no point troubling it.

I had help with indoor comfort and had no complaints about its capacity to provide climate control. Until I had a problem reaching the HVAC contractor and couldn’t get the cooling unit to work, I could hear it running. I had skipped three years of maintenance, and the kind cooling specialist from the local cooling corporation had long given up on calling me to schedule it. It took me an entire day to find the cooling technician contact list I had created before I stopped doing any maintenance. When I finally did find it, I got a different expert from the HVAC business. That was not a problem because the business is known to offer quality AC service. Explaining to the local service provider why I had neglected the delicate electric heat pump I had was embarrassing because I did not have any reasonable explanation. It was not an HVAC installation, so I did not expect the repairman to take long with the HVAC, but due to my negligence, there were multiple things to be handled other than the faulty contractor. They had to trouble the entire unit, which revealed more problems that needed to be fixed. I had changed the filters but had not bothered to clean up anything. They took a long time to clean, and it was embarrassing to think that I’d been breathing all that dirt. The technician and his colleague showed me everything they were doing, and I am never missing a tune-up.


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