Five in the evening with heating

An hour of work to go before I can take a break and get that nap in before I go out and play music.

My buddy wants to workout at 4pm but I am afraid I may not be able to get out there at that time as I still have some more work to do at home.

I wasted some time this morning playing with my cats and ended up starting my work a lot later than normal. I will get it done one way or another and be all set by the time 5pm rolls around. Heating is going to be necessary later because it is really humid out and when the sun goes down it gets so cold that you have to run your HVAC system to warm yourself up when you get home. I like to take a hot bath too, but today I don’t have a lot of time so I will just find another way to warm up in the flat with the heat. I don’t run the HVAC unit much right now because the weather is quite moderate and I am sure my next power bill is going to be one of the lowest of the year so far. I may just take it easy on the beach with some friends and play music tomorrow in our band because I am a bit tired from not sleeping the best last night and am not sure I’ll have the energy to drum for hours. The cooling filter in my heating system is dirty and I am going to clean it now.


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