Noon is coming and air con is too

We are at the last minute of the morning now and the big church is going to ring its bells 12 times to tell us that afternoon is here and that it is time for the town to wake up. Today is Sunday and last night was raining most of the night, cleaning all of the streets and washing away our sins as well. And just like that it is noon! Today I am trying to clean the flat up a bit for my heating supplier guest coming tomorrow, as I had been sick the past week and not been able to clean anything. I have my robot cleaning the floors and the washing machine cleaning my clothes, and once that is done I have maybe another 30 minutes of work to do and this place will be guest ready. She is a cooling rep for a local contractor and is coming tomorrow around 5pm but will be leaving very early the next morning so we will only have about five hours to hang out and walk the town a bit. I may go visit her country though this summer in August when our town gets really crowded with tourists and too hot to stay around in. I have a good air conditioner in my flat but if I go outside at all in July or August it is way too hot and most local businesses don’t have a climate control system to keep you comfortable. So I would like to get away for a few weeks in August to break up the heat.

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