Propane boiler on the fritz

I will push myself to write two more of these and then it is time for a salad. I still have no sense of taste after being sick with the flu for a week, so this salad is not going to taste so good, but I need to get some nutrients in me to kick this thing fully out of my system. I could always just blend it up in my blender and drink it but that sounds a bit gross to me, so I’ll bite the bullet and just chomp my way through it and be done. My air conditioner kept me nice and cool last night and I think I ended up sleeping like 10 hours, giving me a nice dose of energy for today so that I can play in the band later and have a little fun. We will be playing in another two hours and it should be a good day for it because the streets are pretty filled up with people from other towns. I will clean my washable HEPA filter before I leave so that when I run my air con in my bedroom later it won’t have any dust in it to trigger my allergies. I am going to try and take a little nap before I go play so that my batteries are recharged and ready to go so we can put on a good show for whoever might be watching. We have the natural climate control of the sea breeze to keep us cool as we play at the church by the sea later on.

Hybrid heating

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