I thought the animal was in the air vent.

I was ready to tear the air vents apart last week.

I kept hearing an animal in the air vent.

It wasn’t constant, however it was often. I checked the kitchen air vent, but I couldn’t see anything. An hour later, I was cleaning my bedroom, and the sound of a cat’s meow was echoing through the air vent again. It also sounded like the animal was getting deeper into the HVAC duct, and I didn’t know where it would end up. The animal was my daughter’s, and she enjoyed that little monster. If something happened to it, she would never forgive me. I walked into the powder room, and I heard the animal again. I couldn’t figure out how the animal got into the HVAC duct, but I was certain that is what was going on. I called the heating, ventilation and A/C supplier and told them I had an animal in my HVAC duct. I wanted it taken out, but I didn’t want it harmed. It took them an hour to get the heating, ventilation and A/C specialist to the house. When she arrived, I had him kneel by the air vent until my friend and I heard the sound again. She looked puzzled. She said she heard the cat, but she couldn’t believe it. She was opening all the air vents and putting food in front of them, to lure the animal out of the HVAC duct. My buddy and I got to the last air vent in the kitchen, and the heating, ventilation and A/C tech quietly called me over. She found my son’s walkie talkie inside, and it was turned on. I silently went up to her bedroom. She had her walkie talkie on and she was trying to get the animal to meow, and my daughter was giggling.

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