My mother-in-law is obsessed with getting a ductless multi split

This week is Monday, which means I stay in the neighborhood to do my labor online, attend language class, and play soccer in the afternoon with my pals! I’m behind on labor since I got up late this day. I still need to take the cats out for a walk and do my language course homework before my partner arrives to have dinner. I should not have watched all those videos on YouTube while I was having my coffee. I also got distracted browsing wireless temperature controls online, as I want to supply one to my Mom as a gift for his anniversary next week. I had to call the HVAC corporation today to get a corporation to install a ductless multi split, and I know that my mother-in-law will get angry if I don’t do it this day, but the fact is I still need to complete my own labor before I can reach out to the HVAC corporation. I am feeling hungry, but I don’t want to go to the bedroom when she’s there because I know she’ll start nagging me about the ductless multi split, but there is no HVAC in the room where I’m working, and it feels entirely sizzling and stuffy in here, so I’m thinking about heading to a bar with cooling system and having a coffee. It would also be a great way to avoid my temperamental mother-in-law… Even though it seems like I’m complaining, I’m actually grateful that I have the opportunity to stay in my mother-in-law’s cabin equipped with modern heating and cooling systems while I save currency to get an RV with temperature control.



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