We got a mini split AC for the baby’s room

I wasn’t sure who Mike would react when I told him we were going to have a baby.

  • My nice friend and I had plans to stay without youngsters for 5 years after getting married.

She was tied up building a current business, & I was focusing on my job. But, now we had a surprise on the way. I made sure we were at home, & cozy before splitting the news. My nice friend and I appreciate doing TikTok videos & our account has 400000 followers, however so, I knew this was a great occasion to make a attractive video. I went & bought a onesie with ‘My Dad Is My Heart’ written across, & placed it on a box. When she finished with the dishes, & I had folded all the laundry, we sat down to watch our favorite show, & I handed him the package, but needless to say, I was worried for nothing, & she was so delighted she was going to be a dad. My nice friend and I have been in baby preparation mode since then & even got a mini split AC for the baby’s room. Our central heating & cooling system is still in nice shape, however we appreciate the dwelling either too cold, or too warm. That’s not the best setting for a baby. So, we saw it was a great idea for him/her to have their own AC. Summer is on the way, & that’s when the baby will come. Having the mini split AC in place by the time I get dwelling from the hospital is crucial. Mike also has an appointment with the area independent Heating and A/C expert to come do a check up & tune up. This is crucial to ensure the cooling component serves us well all summer.

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