The cooling workers were giving away air filters

They told me to appreciate it and then they lasted

I woke up early this day to someone knocking on my door. I don’t normally answer the door to strangers, half the time it’s just people trying to sell me something. Sporadically it’s something cute like some little girls selling girl scout cookies or something like that, but normally it’s just people trying to sell me something. However these people were persistent with whatever it was they wanted so I finally went downstairs to see who was knocking on my door. I found it was two guys dressed and heating and A/C uniforms. They said that they came from the local air conditioning business. That was great but I didn’t know what they wanted. I entirely told him that I didn’t order any heating and A/C services from them, and they told me that they knew that and that they wanted to give me a free air filter. I rarely have people go and give me free things so I asked him why they were giving away free air filters and they said that they wanted people to try their products and see if they like them. Sounds like a good enough reason to me and I wasn’t going to say no to a free air filter so I decided to take it. When I looked at the air filter that they had handed me I saw that it was a HEPA filter. I was so surprised to see that it was a HEPA filter, these are entirely nice filters. Normally they’re much more high-priced than the disposable filter so the fact that they’re getting this way for free surprises me. They told me to appreciate it and then they lasted. And I love it. That filter gave me some of the best indoor air quality I have ever had and so I am going to be buying from them from now on.
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