AC not blowing chilly air

I have been so irritated this past week! My a/c has stopped laboring and it is the middle of the summer! Let me backup a little and explain why I am so irritated, but my sister and I live in a little beach house in a southern climate. My associate and I grew up in this section so my associate and I are used to the boiling and humid Summer weather, however when my associate and I moved out of our parents house and into our own my associate and I could only afford a place that had a/c window units and not central air conditioning. My associate and I were both pretty bummed because my associate and I grew up with central air conditioning and it is absolutely good at helping to control the humidity. My associate and I have been living in our place for a little while now and my associate and I have not had any concerns with our a/cs. Well that was until last weekwhen they both stopped laboring at the same time, then i don’t know if my associate and I blew a circuit or what happened, but so my associate and I called our proprietor to come over and look at them! She said she is going to have to update both of the a/c window units and that it might take him over a week to get them fixed. My associate and I have been living in a boiling and humid house for what seems like a year at this point. I am just ready to have my a/c back and I will never complain about not having central air conditioning ever again!


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