Space heater safety

I live in an part of the country that has unquestionably extreme winter time weather.

I didn’t grow up in a climate like this so it has been quite an adjustment for me; My spouse got a job up north about five years ago, so my pal and I have been here ever since.

I never saw myself living in a arena that gets up to ten inches of snow in the winter, but the job was too fantastic to pass up, and since my pal and I moved up here, I have been trying to figure out the most cost effective way to moderate up our home. My pal and I don’t have a fireplace, so that is out of the question. So I feel our next best choice is to get a couple of space boilers & put them in the rooms that my pal and I use the most. If my pal and I turned on the heater every time it go cold, the electric bill would be through the roof. I particularly don’t want to have to turn on the heater that often because of how much it costs to heat your apartment up here. I am not used to having to turn on the heater at all since I did not grow up in this climate! However, I am trying to adjust to it without complaining too much to my spouse. I purchased a couple of space boilers last year & I am going to see how well they heat my home. I also need to do some research on space heater safety because I know that this heater can be unquestionably dangerous if you aren’t careful.

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