Assisted Living Facility Did Not Have Air Purification System

I thought that I had chosen the perfect assisted living facility for my mother.

  • It was a beautiful Georgian style mansion on beautiful, well kept grounds.

My mother had allergies, but she never let them keep her from enjoying the outdoors. She had a big picture window with a really nice view. Mother was a bit forgetful and needed a little extra supervision, but good security allowed her to wander the house and grounds without interference. She seemed to be happy there. I would talk to my mother on the phone every few days and visit every other Saturday. I started to notice, as time went on, that mother was using her inhaler a lot more. I pick up her prescriptions, so I would know. And, I did notice a little stuffiness to the air. I didn’t know what the problem was. The air conditioner seemed to be working perfectly. But, mother continued to get sicker. Her allergies were really starting to bother her. I finally took her to her doctor. He suggested that the assisted living facility may not have an air purification system in their HVAC unit. The doctor told me that, if something doesn’t change, my mother would continue to be sick and may worsen over time. I asked the director of the assisted living facility if they had an air purification system on their HVAC unit and he told me that he was sure they did. I don’t buy it. The doctor explained that if the assisted living facility and a modern air purification system on their HVAC system, and it was properly maintained, my mother wouldn’t be feeling this poorly. I’m sure that the assisted living facility didn’t have a modern air purification system in their HVAC system, so I ended up moving my mother out of there.

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