Glad to be rid of air ducts – no rodents

I moved into my new home everyone I knew thought I was crazy.

They acted like I had truly gone off the deep end, and do they were saying goodbye to a good friend.

Like I was never going to be seen again because my brain had completely broken. I don’t know what all the Judgment was about, I thought that my decision to purchase this house was a pretty good one. I understand that people are obviously uncomfortable to new ideas, but I happen to think that this is a progressive one. Recently, I bought a fixer-upper home with a pretty distinct feature. It doesn’t have any air ducts in the entire house. I understand that too many people this is a death sentence. They are used to running a central heating and cooling system every day, and can’t wrap their head around the idea of a decentralized air temperature control plan. Personally, the idea never bothered me. When I looked at the house and found out that it was lacking air ducts, I was pretty excited about it. I knew that I could easily acquire and install some mini split ductless heating and cooling systems for each room and moderate the air temperature in that way. This seemed extremely attractive to me, because it allowed for Zone controlled Heating and Cooling and every individual space. It also meant that I would never have to worry about having my air ducts cleaned or mouse infestation in my walls. If people really wanted to judge me, they should have seen my old rodent-infested house.

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