Used by neighbors for HVAC repair

Sometimes I get the feeling that people only invite me around because I have something to offer them.

I feel like I’m a good person and I have interesting things to say, but people generally only want to talk to me about one or two things. Those two things are furnaces and air conditioning systems. You see, I am a certified heating, cooling, and ventilation technician. I have a reputation around town because I’ve lived in this tiny place my entire life and I’ve been an HVAC tech for nearly as long. I fixed most of the heating and cooling systems in this neighborhood, if not in this county. I could tell you all sorts of secrets about those citizens of this town, based entirely off of what I find in there air ducts. However, I still wish that people saw me as more than just an HVAC Tech. Recently, I thought that my neighbors had invited me to their big block party simply because we were friendly. When I arrived, they asked if they could show me something and the husband from the couple led me around towards the side of the house. He said it was extremely interesting and he didn’t know who to tell about this. I was very curious where this was headed. It turned out, we were headed straight to the air conditioning condenser. Just as I realized that he was trying to get a free air conditioning maintenance appointment from me, one of the neighborhood kids jumped off the swing set and started to cry. Thank God, this caused enough of a distraction that I could sneak away without performing a cooling system inspection. As you might expect, I’m going to turn down that neighbor’s Thanksgiving invitation.

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