Set up a tent – didn’t last long

Recently my boyfriend has been talking a lot about going camping. Well, I should say that for as long as we’ve been dating he’s been talking about camping. I have managed to avoid it for this long, and I wish that I had continued on that same path. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of wanting to make him happy and agreed to partake in the stupid activity last weekend. Wouldn’t you know, it was just as bad as I thought it would be. We went out to some local woods and set up a simple tent not too far off one of the trails. Immediately, I was freezing cold. Even though we sat down and started up a roaring fire, I was dissatisfied with this heating source. Honestly, the open flame only made my face and arms burn too hot, while the rest of me felt exactly as cold as before. It wasn’t comforting and I wasn’t lulled into a peaceful state to buy the burning heat and freezing cold. When it was time to lay down in the tent, I thought maybe we would have enough heat from the tiny portable heater that my boyfriend brought. Just as it started to feel a few degrees warmer inside the tent, the wind started to pick up outside. Suddenly, there was cold are being forced through every seam in the tent. It was drafty in every direction and the tiny space heater didn’t stand a chance. I froze all night long and prayed for my central heating system in the morning. The next time my boyfriend asked me to go camping, I’m going to find a new one.

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