Can’t get off work for HVAC service; winter’s coming

Have you ever had a truly terrible boss before? I feel like everybody has had at least one bad experience with a supervisor or upper management at their job.

Unfortunately, the closer the person is to you, the more they can absolutely ruin your life if they want to.

If you are dealing with a malicious direct supervisor, you might absolutely hate everything from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep. It’s incredible how a job can work its way into your psyche and completely send you into a tailspin. For instance, I currently work for an extremely demanding and unpredictable boss. I never know if I will arrive at the office and have nothing to do all day, or if he’s going to dump 2 weeks of work on me at once. For this reason, it’s often difficult for me to make appointments or live life outside of work. Recently, I haven’t even been able to fulfill my heating systems routine service appointment before the winter starts. Every time I try to arrange a professional heating, cooling, and ventilation service appointment, my boss suddenly calls me and insists that I clear my schedule for the week. I can’t seem to get any time off of work to meet the HVAC technician and the ventilation company has a strict policy against entering your home to work on Heating and Cooling equipment if you weren’t there. Now, winter is upon us and I have to use my furnace to stay warm. I’m nervous that the heating system is going to break down this crazy-busy week, when I will most likely have absolutely nothing to do next week and could easily schedule the HVAC maintenance appointment.

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