Today’s generation of automation systems

I first looked into a security system for my home twenty years ago.

At that time, any type of automation system was designed primarily for commercial application.

The equipment was bulky, heavy and unattractive. Along with detracting from aesthetics, the components took up a great deal of space. The cost of implementing a security system was significant, and everything needed to be hardwired in. I knew that technological change was on the way and the system would gradually become outdated. I was unwilling to be left with obsolete equipment and holes in my walls. Just recently, I started looking into today’s generation of security systems. I was amazed by the progress. Modern components are wonderfully compact, lightweight and unobtrusive. There are a wide array of options and features to accommodate the needs of any type of property and lifestyle. The cost is reasonable, and because everything is now wireless, the installation is quick and causes no damage. Getting the latest version of the system is as easy as downloading an update. As I researched surveillance cameras, motion-activated lights, alarms and automated door locks, I realized that it made sense to invest into an entire home automation system. Like most modern homeowners, the majority of my appliances include smart features. My refrigerator has a screen that allows me to create a grocery list, check the wather or watch real-time video footage from outdoor cameras. My washing machine can be programmed to start up at a certain time. Combining all of my smart appliances into a single hub saves me a great deal of time and adds convenience to everyday life.


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