Mini split ductless heating and cooling for treehouse

When I was a kid I was always extremely jealous of the neighborhood children who had play houses and even sheds. I thought that it was so cool that they had their own little spaces to go hang out in. I was always making forts in my own bedroom, but they weren’t nearly as cool as having a brick-and-mortar structure to play and read in. One day, I saw something that made me nearly collapsed. Some new kid at school actually had a full treehouse! Forget your lame playhouses. How had I never thought about this before? From that day forward, I became obsessed with building my own tree house. When I purchased my own home, I made sure that there was a large and sturdy tree in the backyard. Almost immediately, I got to work creating the structure and framework for my tree house. Today, the building is finally complete. The only thing that’s missing now is a workable heating and cooling system for the treetop structure. I’ve been trying to find heating and cooling solutions for some time now, keeping in mind that the tree and treehouse will be extremely flammable. It’s quite dangerous to run electricity or install a heating device in a dry wooden building. Also, I wasn’t sure how to conceal an air conditioning unit near the structure without creating an eye sore. Well, tomorrow my mini split ductless heating and cooling system arrives at the house. I will be installing the air handling device myself immediately, and I have been reassured by my trusted HVAC technician friend that this is the best air temperature control solution for my extremely unique situation.

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