Over Summertime Our Kid Was Working for a Ductwork Cleaner

Over the summer, my child went to work for a local air duct cleaning supplier here in town. He wasn’t planning to go to this company, but the supplier that he wanted to go work for ended up not having any openings. He just happened to apply for this air duct cleaning supplier because he saw an ad for it in the local paper. When he told me that he was going to be working for an air duct cleaning supplier, I was a little suspicious about it at first as I did not think that it would be something that he would be interested in doing at all. But he said that he needed a job, and he was willing to do anything in order to make some money this summer. Well, it turned out that he ended up enjoying the air duct cleaning supplier. He said that he liked the guys that he worked for and he enjoyed learning about ventilation systems in homes. By the time he finished working there for the summer, he had decided that he wanted to go to school to become a heating and cooling expert. This was a total change from what he had been learning in school, so it was very surprising to me. However, as long as he is interested in a nice profession I am happy about it. And changing his course of learning is totally fine with me, especially since he will be able to get a heating and A/C certification close to home. I think becoming a heating and A/C specialist was a good idea.
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