We got a smart temperature control unit for mom

We got a smart temperature control unit as a gift for mom this year for her 43rd birthday and she loves it.

It’s not your usual kind of gift, but it was something that we knew that mom would love having.

She likes gizmos and gadgets just like this, and enjoys the fact that she can control her temperature control unit from her smartphone now. Whenever we were trying to figure out what to get them for her 43rd birthday, we thought at first that we were going to try and get her something like a cruise or a trip of some sort. However, mom has become a real homebody over the past few years, so we were afraid that she wouldn’t even go on a trip if we bought one for her. It turned out that it ended up being a fantastic thing that we didn’t buy them a trip after all. Our brother did and mom turned it down. She said that she appreciated it, but that she just wanted to stay at home. We know that it made the gift of a smart temperature control unit even better for her because mom loves staying at the beach house. She now has an even larger opportunity to love her indoor air conditions. Our mom says that it’s the best thing ever to be able to change the temperature on the control unit without even leaving her chair. We are happy that mom loves her smart control unit. It’s the best gift that we ever got for her.

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