Need a handy dude

This week is pretty quiet, as last night was the big celebration and all the people is hungover and sleeping now. It is still early in the afternoon and I am going to get my writing done and then go for a great long run. I will do some more exercise after that so that I can start to put on more muscle after losing some of it from lack of motivation. I normally workout a lot more constantly, but life threw me some strenuous curveballs that kind of threw me off of my rhythm. I want to have this Heating, Ventilation, and A/C pro come by this week and provide us some energy saving tips because the two of us have been getting some pretty big power bills here lately. I’m not sure what is causing the concern so I figured the best bet would be to bring over someone who is great with that kind of stuff and point us in the right direction to save currency. Every one of us have a new Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system but there is something causing us to use a lot of heating and cooling energy while the two of us were in the harsh weather months. I feel it could be the older windows in this house, but I want the pro to come over and tell us what is causing the concern so that the two of us can fix it without much ado. I feel there are some homeowner solutions that the two of us don’t feel about and that can be fixed quite definitely once the heating and cooling expert takes a look at the place. I will then be flying off to my other home next week for a year.


Wireless thermostat

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