Dealing with the HVAC technician

The other day my heater stopped working and I figured it was in some form it was my gas furnace.

It was kind of old after all and the warranties are pretty much gone, if not already. Life has been a little tough lately so I have been behind on a lot of things, especially bills. I didn’t really want to worry about getting an HVAC technician to come out and look at my gas furnace. Still, I knew I had to so I called the HVAC company and they sent out a heating and cooling technician by the name of Charlie. He seemed like an alright guy and by talking to him he seemed pretty smart. After a bit of time, Charlie realized that I needed some serious upgrades and recommended some things that were no longer under warranty. I tried talking him into giving me a deal or maybe I can pay him on the side so it will be cheaper overall and the HVAC business wouldn’t get all the money, plus I’d save money but he didn’t budge. It was like I was talking to a wall and this wall and this wall didn’t care about what I was trying to offer. I had a few choice words after with him but he still did the repairs even after I was a slight jerk to him. Regardless he’s probably telling people how much of a jerk I am so I’m just going to try and make sure that no one gets him. All I care about is #1 I don’t care about this Charlie guy even though he “might” be nice.


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