He still needs to use the heating system most of the time

The heating system broke down in Blake’s coffee shop last week and so he had to phone the commercial Heating and Air Conditioning company to make an appointment. Blake is aware he should not really complain about it because he has not really had all that many issues with his heating and cooling system in the coffee shop ever since he moved in. Blake has been here for about four years now, so he knew it was about time for something to tear up. Anyway, at least it is almost Springtime. The weather is warming up already, but he still needs to use the heating system most of the time. The weather doesn’t really start heating up all that much until around noon, and most of his customers are here early in the morning. Blake still needs to use the heating system so that people will not be frigid frosty when they are queuing here in the mornings waiting for their coffee. If it was a month or two later, maybe he would not even have the heating system repaired. He wished it had happened later so he could just let it go until the end of the summer. That would provide him plenty of extra time to save up money for an extensive heating system repair or updatement. Blake is sure it’s going to cost him a small fortune whenever they come to do the repair. They are supposed to be here the day after tomorrow, so he is just going to have to be cold until then. He didn’t want to have to pay extra for an emergency appointment. Blake doesn’t think that it’s frosty enough a coffee shop to warrant an emergency heating repair anyway.


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