Pay careful attention to odors from your AC system

Air conditioners keep you comfortable all year long, even while in tepid and humid summers, no matter how tepid it gets outside.

A well-running cooling system keeps your family, pets, and plants comfortable.

What are some signs that your cooling device is having trouble? Follow your nose and be aware of any swings in smells in your household. It’s a sign that something is wrong when your cooling device emits crazy or unpleasant stinks, but there’s no need to feel alone if your apartment smells sort of like an outdated gym locker room. Water builds up on the evaporator coils of cooling systems, causing this particular smell to develop. When you use your cooling device, condensation can cause bacteria and mold to grow on the evaporator coils. As soon as you notice this problem, you need to take action. It’s not a wonderful sign if your apartment smells something like chemicals when you turn on your cooling device! Your AC is entirely leaking refrigerant if it has a chemical stink. Refrigerant leaks can actually get started as being small but become serious over time. If you do not handle this issue swiftly, your entire component may fail and need to be updated. When the cooling device is actually working, do you smell vinegar or tomatoes? Your AC might smell sharp or acidic for a number of reasons… Clogged filters, moldy ducts, or too much condensation could be to blame. There should never be a burning smell coming from devices or household systems. Your AC component may have a broken section if you smell smoke or burning. When capacitors, fan belts, and electrical attachments cut or become loose, they can cause a burning smell, and burning smells and smoke can be signs of an actual fire. You should constantly have your component professionally diagnosed if you notice these smells in your home or business.


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