Upgrading HVAC in old house

I live in an old house and, despite its age, everything works exceptionally well.

We’ve had to do minimal repairs on the roof and have repainted a couple rooms but, for the most part, the house is in the same condition it was in when we first moved into it. It has the most gorgeous hardwood flooring I’ve seen throughout most of the house, while the two bathrooms have tiled floors. There is a small balcony connecting to the master bedroom on the second floor, my room, and it’s so refreshing to take a book outside and read. I think the biggest change we made to the house was getting the ductwork removed and replaced by our HVAC technician so we could upgrade to a newer, better HVAC system. The house’s large size requires extra heating and cooling to properly maintain the temperature throughout the house for everyone, and the old system costed us too much money to do this. The initial cost of the new system was quite pricey but the energy efficiency will make up for it over the years. A big bonus to the new system is that it has HVAC zone-control so now we won’t waste energy or money on rooms that are not in use. I love the aesthetic of the old architecture, but I must admit that the modern conveniences such as the HVAC system are very nice. We’ve noticed a great improvement in the functionality of the air conditioning and furnace since getting the upgrade and the monthly bill reflects how much it has reduced our spendings. Everything is just about perfect know in our old house.

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