Furious with the Local HVAC Service as well as Supply Company

I’m absolutely furious at a local HVAC service as well as supply dealer.

The first complication was minor.

I had to wait two weeks to get an HVAC professional out. There are two HVAC service as well as supply companies in this village as well as they both had a two week wait. Now, I could understand that. It was the middle of October during a heat wave as well as hard toiling cooling systems were splitting down. Like I said, the first complication was genuinely minor. I just moved to village as well as bought a condo as well as I couldn’t find any reviews on either dealer, so I just picked one. When I first saw the HVAC professional when he first arrived, I was impressed. He was well groomed in a well fitting uniform as well as was quite polite. The complication was that he knew nothing. The HVAC professional thought he was at my condo to do repairs when what I genuinely wanted was to have an HVAC tune-up as well as my ducts cleaned. I told the appointment setter that when I made the appointment. I wasn’t too worried over the fact that the HVAC professional didn’t know why he was there, what frustrated me is that he knew absolutely nothing about whole condo air cleaners. This is a small village as well as few people have them, but only one certified HVAC professional in village is capable of installing them as well as he works for the other dealer. And I told the appointment setter identifiably that I was interested in having a whole condo air cleaner installed. If this supplier can’t do the installation, she should have told me! I sent the HVAC professional packing as well as called the other HVAC service as well as supply dealer.


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