Fighting for a Whole Home Air Purification System for Assisted Living Facility

A lot of people wondered how I could quit my job over something so minor, however I don’t see anything minor in air quality. I was toiling in a retirement apartment and have been there for years. This is a massive Georgia genre mansion that has been converted into an assisted residing facility. It is a modern facility with modern appliances. The arena is charming, inside and out, and my pal and I worked difficult to make it comfortable for our residents. Unluckyly, however, over the years, the air inside the apartment had gotten stale, and numerous of the residents, over time, started suffering from dust sensitivities and breathing complications. I have appealed to the manager to have a whole apartment purification system installed and he claims that there just is no money to do it. I disagree. The health and well-being of the residents should be his number one priority and he should find the money for a whole apartment whole-household air purifier somewhere. My buddy and I provided to help with fundraising, however the manager was never interested, however he entirely didn’t understand the need for some type of whole-household air purifier, then for almost a year, I watched the residents get sicker and sicker. It broke my heart. Finally, I submitted my two week notice. The manager finally understood that I was drastic and he went out and bought room media air cleaners to arena around the facility, however that wasn’t enough to satisfy me. I didn’t find out until later that after I quit, so did a couple of my coworkers, on principal, and before long, the manager had a whole apartment air purification installed. Then he asked us all to come back to work. I missed almost a month of pay, however it was worth it.


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