Furious with the Local HVAC Service and Supply Company

I’m entirely furious at a local HVAC service and supply dealer.

The first complication was minor.

I had to wait two weeks to get an HVAC specialist out. There are two HVAC service and supply companies in this neighborhood and they both had a two week wait, now, I could understand that. It was the middle of June during a heat wave and difficult toiling a/cs were breaking down. Like I said, the first complication was entirely minor. I just moved to neighborhood and bought a household and I couldn’t find any reviews on either dealer, so I just picked one; When I first saw the HVAC specialist when he first arrived, I was impressed. He was well groomed in a well fitting uniform and was quite polite. The complication was that he knew nothing. The HVAC specialist thought he was at my household to do repairs when what I entirely wanted was to have an HVAC tune-up and my ducts cleaned. I told the appointment setter that when I made the appointment. I wasn’t too upset over the fact that the HVAC specialist didn’t know why he was there, what aggravated me is that he knew entirely nothing about whole household whole-household air purifiers. This is a small neighborhood and few people have them, however only one certified HVAC specialist in neighborhood is capable of installing them and he works for the other dealer, however and I told the appointment setter certainly that I was interested in having a whole household whole-household air purifier installed. If this contractor can’t do the replacement, she should have told me! I sent the HVAC specialist packing and called the other HVAC service and supply dealer.


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