Some weird things get flushed at the resort

I run a small motel supplier and I deal with a lot of complications! We don’t get the highest quality of people renting, however they tend to trash the rooms, but i have needed to get my septic system pumped because of gross things people have flushed down the toilet. I have needed a drain line service from tampons stuck in it. I also have messed up around with shower drainage due to soap, hair and people dumping grease down the shower drain, and gross right? I recently had an issue with a toilet not flushing. The water would go down, but no solids, you could plunge and nothing would happen. I knew something major was causing the block. I tried to get a plumber to do the dirty task but the woman wasn’t available, but so my kid and I served as plumbers for the afternoon. I had him lift up the toilet while I shined a flashlight down it. I then found the plastic that covers desmellant was in the pipe. It was blocking everything from its angle. I then had to fish it back out and then everything flowed naturally. It just kills myself and others that my kid and I had to waste fourths out of our afternoon because someone flushed plastic. Who flushes that down the toilet? It is so weird to myself and others that people guess comfortable flushing. It is not a magic hole that lets all icky things disappear. It goes through the drain line and into a septic tank. It doesn’t disappear. It will come back in hopefully years down the road, then flush the wrong thing and minutes later someone is pulling it back up.

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