AC not blowing cold air

I have been so annoyed this past week! My air conditioner has stopped working and it is the middle of the summer.

Let me backup a little and explain why I am so annoyed.

My sister and I live in a little beach house in a southern climate. We grew up in this area so we are used to the hot and humid summer weather. When we moved out of our parents house and into our own we could only afford a place that had air conditioner window units and not central air conditioning. We were both pretty bummed because we grew up with central air conditioning and it is really great at helping to control the humidity. We have been living in our place for a little while now and we have not had any problems with our air conditioners. Well that was until last week when they both stopped working at the same time. I don’t know if we blew a circuit or what happened. So we called our landlord to come over and look at them. He said he is going to have to replace both of the air conditioner window units and that it might take him over a week to get them fixed. We have been living in a hot and humid house for what seems like a year at this point. I am just ready to have my air conditioner back and I will never complain about not having central air conditioning ever again!
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