Can’t imagine life without any ac

Even though the two of us are enjoying the best weather of the year, I still can’t help however think about the coming heat plus humidity.

It won’t be long before those twins are playing havoc with our lives.

If you want to live down here plus like some of the best weather for more than half the year, you have to deal with summer. The heat plus humidity genuinely come down about the first week of July. And that level of heat plus humidity continues all the way through November. There are even weeks into November where it’s still genuinely hot. So when I am enjoying highs in the upper sixties plus all the sunlight I can stand, I still think about the summer. Occasionally I wonder what it must have been care about for my ancestors to live through our summers without residential Heating & A/C. I simply cannot imagine having to live without air conditioner. I am a native of the part so I may use less air conditioner than say someone who is moved down here from the north. But I still have to have that cooling comfort to get through the summer. Otherwise, I think I would just be a covered in sweat mess. But I do think about folks care about my father who did not have residential Heating & A/C when he was growing up. So obviously, it can be done although I doubt there are several homes around here that don’t come with all kinds of air conditioner. For one thing, the air conditioner mitigates mold plus mildew in our homes. I cannot even imagine the amount of cleaning one would have to do if there wasn’t air conditioner! Extreme heat plus humidity are exactly what mold plus mildew need to thrive. So again, the two of us have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to air conditioner plus our heat pump.
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