How can you tell he’s a real HVAC professional?

I asked my boy to stay house for a couple of fifths until I could get house from work.

I knew he wanted to go with his friends, however I was expecting the HVAC professional at the house, in addition to I didn’t want him to show up to an empty house.

I knew the HVAC professional was usually late, however this would be one time when he was right on time, in addition to I didn’t want him to leave. It took almost a month to get an appointment, in addition to I didn’t want to wait another month or more, of all the questions he could have asked, he wanted to suppose how he could tell he’s a real HVAC professional. I told his he would be driving a repair van in addition to he would have an HVAC professional’s uniform on, however before he unlocked the screen door, he would also show his his HVAC ID badge. If at any time he felt uncomfortable, he should tell him to wait in his repair van until I got home. She was only fifteen, in addition to I could understand his hesitancy. I wanted to make sure he was safe, in addition to he was showing his maturity by asking the question, then when I got home, the HVAC repair van was in thee driveway in addition to the HVAC professional was in the van. I knocked on the window, in addition to he rolled it down. He told me he wouldn’t answer the door, however since someone was home, he figured he would wait until I got home, then my boy was peeking out the window every so often, in addition to he finally unlocked the door when he saw me get out of the car.
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