Won’t repeat last year’s air conditioning fail

This year, I’m so excited about spring.

For sure, it doesn’t seem like spring is any closer than it was a month ago.

It’s mid February which is perhaps the coldest month of our winter. The gas furnace is still kicking it all day and night. Even though I prep the house in order to maximize the HVAC equipment efficiency, I still sit on the thermostat setting. I’m just simply not overpaying for heating this house. If that means we all have to wear a sweater, then so be it. You’d think since we have such a cold winter that we’d have just a spectacularly comfortable summer. That’s not the case at all. In this region we flip from the cold of winter to the heat of summer in what seems like mere weeks. When this February rolled around, I actually made the call for scheduling the air conditioning tune up. I learned the hard way that an air conditioning tune up is essential when it comes to having the cooling comfort we need. Last year, I was surprised in mid April with temperatures that were consistently in the mid 80s. So I simply flipped the thermostat over to cooling in order to get some air conditioning. It didn’t turn out that way as the air conditioner ended up failing just hours after I turned it on. Had I gotten the air conditioning tune up like I was supposed to, that wouldn’t have happened. And it wouldn’t have cost me the money it did for an HVAC repair. You live and learn I suppose. But I sure won’t forget to call for seasonal HVAC maintenance again.

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