Added space comes with a ductless heat pump

When we first bought this house, our idea was that it would be a starter home. My wife and I would fix it up, replace the residential HVAC and build some equity before selling it for a bigger home. I just seemed like we’d need a bigger home once we had a family. However, that was more than 20 years ago and we’re still in the same house. We both very much love our home as it has become a sanctuary. The family thing just didn’t materialize as we were both so committed to spending tons of time inside the commercial HVAC of an office. Our careers ended up sort of consuming a lot more time than we had planned. Plus, we really enjoyed just it being us and our dogs. So getting that bigger house didn’t happen. But we have recently added some space to our home. After all these years, we finally have a master suite with a big, roomy bathroom. And that new bedroom also comes with additional HVAC. We had this house for a decade before we replaced the HVAC equipment. It’s not even halfway through its lifespan so we thought the HVAC professionals would simply extend the ductwork for the new space. That’s not how it works as the HVAC unit was sized for the original air volume of our home. So we have ductless heat pump in our new bedroom and it’s awesome. Not only is it small, quiet and super efficient since it doesn’t use ductwork, it has a remote! I love being able to adjust the thermostat from bed on cold mornings like this one that needed a bit more heating.

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