A boiling hot furnace & a great show

I was just listening to that 80s song called The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats & wondering how that band felt with only having just 1 popular song, which also came out on their first album.

How do you do a tour of concerts with only 1 song that people want to hear? I always wondered how that works, do you play all of the lame tunes first & save the 1 great song for last? The concert scene would really empty out if you played it at the entirely start of the show.

I don’t think I would want to have just 1 hit. My heating company owner had a great hit with his band but they never got anywhere except playing around in local corporations & clubs. I would like to release an album once my associate Max and I have numerous great tunes. My local contractor neighbor told myself and Max to release an album now, but I want to make more tunes & keep working at the Heating & A/C company for another couple years till my associate and I suppose my associate and I have some certainly great tunes for an album. Max and I have about numerous or numerous great tunes right now, so I think with some more taxing toil over the next numerous weeks Max and I can get a few more great 1s. The heating & cooling company had us do a show there at the store a few weeks ago & most people seemed to like the tunes a lot. But I still think my associate and I can do better, so Max and I will keep working on modern 1s & have some patience. I’ll just do our duct cleaning for the local contractor & keep on going.


a/c corporation

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