Furnace filter cleaning is back on

I hate body pain and my body is still pretty darn sore from playing some stupid ball two afternoons ago.

I think that by tomorrow, my back will feel better and my knees should be getting better, too.

I also have pain in my elbow that feels like tennis elbow from when I used to play tennis, and I may need a shot of cortisone at some point if it doesn’t go away on its own. Yesterday when I woke up, it was very hard to get out of bed on my own, so I need a few good afternoons of rest. Heating and Air Conditioning repairs are hard to do when your whole body hurts like this, so I need to stop playing beach volleyball and do more work on my furnace and heating instead. I’m also playing drums in my band tomorrow night, so I need to be in good shape for that as well. I guess I’ll be using my cold laser to treat my knees and lower back this afternoon. This local company also sells good icy gel for pain, and I’ll go there and get some from the dealer who opened the store there last month. I’ll do an hour of housework this afternoon, and then I’ll soak my sore joints in the cold, salty water of the sea to help ease the pain and heal them. Cleaning the ducts this weekend won’t be easy, and I don’t want to be in pain when I’m working on the heating and cooling system with my friend.

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