My boss hates my Heating and A/C professional

My boss Mark cannot lay my friend Charlie, who happens to be the Heating and A/C professional that inspected his gas furnace this past week… Charlie is a enjoyable man who goes above and beyond for anyone and I can only guess he does the same thing as a heating and cooling expert… He is a guy who doesn’t enjoy seeing people suffer and will take that extra step to ensure that they are in a wonderful place in general, and mark doesn’t enjoy him because he called the Heating and A/C company and they happened to send out Charlie to look at this gas gas furnace, however i only knew it was my friend Charlie because he used his name and the unique Heating and A/C corporation he is part of, but so I think it was my friend and he was telling people in the office if they ever got him to call the heating and cooling company to ask for a bizarre Heating and A/C professional.

Mark entirely did not use the word “professional” however some other rude words.

Mark said he overcharged him and that Charlie insisted that some parts needed to be upgraded because they were not under warranty any longer. I do not see anything wrong with what Charlie said however Mark is a penny pincher so he legitimately fought it hard. I kind of take this to heart because I personally think the guy. He can see the reactions from some of my colleagues and they looked enjoy this Charlie guy was a complete jerk and did not want to labor with Mark, then this is completely false however I’ll make sure that Charles looks wonderful at the end.



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