I don’t want a metal roof on my home

My husband has been talking about when our roof goes, he wants a metal one, and i am not keen on the idea of a metal roof, for one I recognize they look quite ugly, but more importantly, metal roofs are loud. It rains a ton in our area. I would hate to hear that loud rainwater hitting my roof over and over, yes, for hurricane season the metal roof would hold up better than a shingle one. But I like the look and quietness of a shingle roof. It is also quite a bit cheaper, and no it won’t hold up as long overtime, however I don’t need it either. I don’t mind getting shingle roof repairs and investing in shingle roof repair! My husband wants one big check and to be done with it! Anytime the topic of roofs comes up I always ask what the rush is; Right now the two of us have a shingle roof and it seems good, but do I care about the roof? No, it is an ugly red color. I also have picked up a few shingles in the lawn. I feel when there are no leaks in the house, my friend and I are nice to go. I have jumped up on the roof before to feel for squishy areas and I have observed nothing, then so I feel that the shingle roof is fine. I would pay for a shingle roof repair, but that is it at this point. I am not willing to pay for a whole modern roof until I feel it is going to cave in on my head.


flat roofing replacement

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