I needed Heating & Air Conditioning in the garage.

Last year, my husband took half of his three-bay garage, and gave me a workroom for my carpet making.

  • I had my loom set up, and I was toiling to make cloth for the rugs.

When Summer arrived, I knew I wasn’t going to continue toiling out there without Heating & Air Conditioning. The three Springtime months was difficult enough, however Summer was going to be brutal. My husband had a wood boiler in his garage area, which helped to keep the garage warm, however it wasn’t doing a lot for my area. I told him I needed Heating & Air Conditioning in the garage. He drew up plans for insulating some of the garage, and asked what I was thinking about for Heating & Air Conditioning. I told him I had been looking into ductless mini split Heating & Air Conditioning. I showed him the mini split units, and talked to him about the efficiency of the Heating & Air Conditioning system. I knew it would actually cost a couple thousand dollars for the Heating & Air Conditioning system, however it would heat and cool the entire garage, and not just a small area. The following weekend, my husband had the Heating & Air Conditioning specialist come to the household and discuss ductless Heating & Air Conditioning for the garage. He did an inspection of the garage, and realized my friend and I were already installing insulation. The energy efficiency rating was 26, and it wasn’t nearly as extravagant as my friend and I thought it would be. Two weeks later, the Heating & Air Conditioning specialist had the ductless Heating & Air Conditioning system delivered. It took a three-man crew to install the Heating & Air Conditioning system, and within forty-eight hours, my friend and I had toiling heating and a/c.

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