I can breathe better using an air cleaner at home

I’ve had actually sketchy health throughout my entire life.

I started seeing the pediatrician a lot right after I hit the age of three.

It turned out at the time that I had childhood asthma. I would often react to the changing seasons, especially in Fall and Spring. I remember getting bronchitis on command almost at the exact same time every single Fall season, however the leaf mold from all of the tree leaves that fell and hit the ground had a big effect on my lungs. I had to take allergy medication just to survive during these periods of time. Unluckyly my mother was suffering from the same exact complications as I was; Eventually it became a minimal influence on my mother leaving my dad and taking us down south away from all of the environmental triggers; Granted there were bigger reasons for that split, however it still got us away from all of the leaf mold in the Fall! But it doesn’t address all of the pollen in the Spring, my friend and I have just as much pollen down south as there is up north. I cannot even survive in my cabin without an air cleaner running at all times. It’s an essential piece of unit to prevent me from having serious allergy reactions on a weekly basis. I’m actually happy that I have more than one air cleaner running as well. It allows me to filter out as much dust and other contaminants from the air as possible. Eventually I might get a whole house air cleaner so it can affect all of the air going through the central Heating & A/C system.

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