House with an old electric heat pump? Get an expert to assess it for issues after closing the deal on that home purchase

The home we were planning to buy had an electric heat pump that was already three years old.

The realtor told us that the previous owners had kept up with annual and seasonal maintenance, so we had nothing to worry about.

We ended up closing the deal because we liked everything, including the HVAC installation, and any doubts we had could easily be sorted by involving the cooling technician from the local HVAC business. After getting the keys to the house officially, we decided to drop by the cooling corporation and find out if we could get an appointment with a cooling specialist to at least troubleshoot the cooling equipment for any unrecognized issues. Interestingly, the cooling technology expert let us know that they had all the details about the maintenance that had been done on the home’s cooling unit in the past since the previous owners were their clients. They had kept to the schedule and routine because they were keen to ensure they had help with indoor comfort and climate control throughout the seasons. It’s great that the town has one local service provider because we would likely have missed the information, which included the details of the last quality AC service they performed. The cooling contractor was sure there was no issue with the equipment because they had already done maintenance and were satisfied with the outcome. Since we had closed the deal, we had to troubleshoot so that any issues would be covered by the temporary insurance we’d been offered. As promised, the quality AC service providers were right, and the equipment was as they had told us. We haven’t had any repairs on it so far, so our deal was as good as promised.


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